Bash (download)

Getting some ’nix super powers is part of the secret sauce that most high performing engineers have, and this deck can help bootstrap that process, fill in gaps or retain muscle memory if you’re spending less time in the terminal than you used to. The majority of the cards are built based on notes from the book The Linux Command Line which is available for free under a creative commons license and well worth a read. I’ve added cards as well for hints/tricks I’ve picked up from watching and working with others over the years. As a whole the deck covers the basic commands that form part of your every day from grepping through text to sftp’ing to some remote host via awk and sed. Plus some handy bits of bash scripting (i.e. knock out a for loop quickly, how to chain commands, using functions like tee to capture interim pipeline state). Knowing some of the ins and outs of bash is good for getting into a flow state quicker when working which can make development feel more fluid and fun.